Your mattress may be harming you – Why go green?

When we consider the amount of time each human spends asleep, (7-9 hours per night) roughly 2,500 hours a year, it is a good idea to understand how our physical, mental and emotional performance is all associated with the quality sleep we gain, and the amount of time spent on our mattresses.

Unfortunately, mattresses can be harmful to the human body. Not only do they have the risk of producing illnesses in individuals, but are also filled with chemicals that can impact on our hormones and cause disruptions in our sleep that effect our muscles and joints.

Dangerous Chemicals In Your Mattress

Many materials in mattresses, such as wool, are more than likely to have been sprayed with different types of harmful pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Mattresses today are required to be flame retardant and therefore the easiest way to treat this is by adding more chemicals to the surface body of the mattress itself. Overtime, it is likely that some of these substances will accumulate in our body during sleep. Either through inhaling or absorption, the chemicals enter our body and remain there, which can result in infections of our inner organs and systems. This can cause great harm to the body, and can contribute to the onset of brain damage, reproductive deficiencies, thyroid problems and possibly cancer.

How Your Old Mattress Destroys Your Body And Performance

It is important for a mattress to provide support for the spine. The human body carries the most weight in the hip and torso area, so it is vital that this part of the body is aligned with whole body during sleep. However, many mattresses don’t provide this support. When support is not provided, the mattress becomes a major contributor to low back problems and restricts future body movements.

Unfortunately, the modern mattress has moved its focus away from the mechanics of proper alignment, and more so to cushion and comfort. This makes it difficult to find a mattress that won’t promote the onset of back pain and stiffness, and so, it is extremely important to recognise those brands and types of mattresses who still provide this support. Often this feature can be found in eco friendly mattresses; green mattresses.

What is a green Mattress?

A green mattress is a bed made from eco-friendly and recyclable materials that make it a good option for environmental sustainability. Ultimately this means that the mattress is free from harmful chemicals often found in non-green mattresses, and reduces the risk of obtaining the associated side effects caused by these chemicals.

These organic mattresses are also made from raw and recycled materials that have a minimal environmental impact. This asserts that they are easier to biodegrade than non eco-friendly mattresses that are made from synthetics. Each material; latex, cotton and wool found in organic mattresses have been produced without synthetic chemicals and pesticides ultimately making it a healthier option for all individuals. Without these chemicals the risk of absorbing harmful substances and the likelihood of obtaining damage to the brain or other aliments or diseases are significantly reduced.