Mattress Recycling

Take Stock of Your Green Mattress

Well, we’ve made it to the middle of Winter and a new financial year. Can you believe it? If you find yourself pondering where the time has gone, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It may feel like you’ve only just finished your last tax return but, alas, the tax-man is at your door again. For businesses, tax time can be quite a busy nightmare, particularly in retail. And for you, the consumer, the signs are everywhere. Big, bright, bold signs screaming ‘stock-take this and stock-take that’. ‘Save, save, save’. ‘Spend, spend, spend’.

Australia’s biggest bedding manufacturers are no exception to this June/July frenzy. Now that the 2016/17 financial year has arrived, big business is very keen to ‘do you a deal’ and offload last year’s stock. But before you jump at the latest queen mattress sale scheme, give some thought to the environmental impact of this blatant tax-time consumerism.

Generally speaking, Gen X and Gen Y ‘babies’ are proudly adopting eco-friendly practices into everyday life. Their environmental conscience is growing and the very idea of being ‘green’ has long extended beyond the premise of planting trees and riding bikes. Gens X&Y want to know where their food and fibres come from and so a question like ‘is my mattress eco friendly’ is and should be entirely appropriate. Where did that queen mattress come from? Does your Melbourne mattress supplier give any consideration to eco-friendly practices or are they yet to embrace any form of green thinking?

Skeptics may assert there is no real way to achieve sustainable mattresses or that you’re pushing the envelope a bit. I mean, who worries about something as marginal as the foundation of their queen mattress? Well, YOU DO and as a customer your buying concerns should be heard and valued. Where would we be if all the clean energy proponents of the world just accepted the assertions of fossil fuel companies that, ‘really, burning coal isn’t that bad’? Don’t forget, aside from the material components that go into making your brand-name queen bed (which requires plenty of fossil fuels in production) for every new queen bed there’s another one making its way to landfill … along with about a million others each and every year in Australia alone.

Sustainable mattresses are attainable and they’re a reality for us. Certainly, we don’t purport to be achieving 100% of all mattress components recycled through our Melbourne factory but we’re certainly having a crack and achieving more in the way of eco friendly mattresses than any of our competitors.