Benefits of a Sustainable, Eco Friendly mattress

Eco Friendly Mattresses When it comes to mattresses, an eco friendly and sustainable mattress is the preferred choice for all individuals; particularly for those who suffer from respiratory problems, such as asthma or many other allergies. These mattresses provide the required comfort to suit every sleeping position and offer conforming support that your body needs for a proper and effective rest.

In addition to comfort, eco friendly made mattresses are a healthier option and are immensely environmentally conscious by utilising materials and resources that would otherwise end up as waste or in landfill. Eco friendly and sustainable mattresses also reduce the amount of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and offer many great qualities to ensure you make the right decision in your choice of mattress.

Benefits of Sustainable Mattresses

• Durable to reduce waste

• Made of renewable resources

• Reduced environmental footprint

• 100% recycled materials

• Reduced waste fees

• Increased sustainability

• Environmentally friendly and made from biodegradable materials

• Reduced landfill

Most mattresses don’t always help everyone obtain a good night’s sleep. Low-quality, uncomfortable mattresses are still being utilised by individuals despite the fact that they have been proven to lead to sleep discomfort and pain, which ultimately results in lack of, and/or poor quality sleep. Those who struggle with the issue of sleep deprivation are susceptible to suffer from impaired immune function, slower metabolism, and are more likely to become moody.

Non eco friendly mattresses

Traditional unsustainable mattresses are produced using a wide range of toxic chemicals and glues which are bad for, and can have a negative effect on both your health and the surrounding environment. These chemicals and toxins used to make the product are released into the nearby area and create a decreased air quality of the household. These contaminants are closely linked to, and have been shown to encourage the onset of illnesses and respiratory discomfort, proving the negative effect that these mattresses ultimately have on health and the quality of life of the sleepers.

Fortunately while some mattresses may hinder the quality of sleep, others can improve it. Finding a better mattress that suits your comfortability has been proven to decrease pain and discomfort, as well as stress experienced due to low quality mattresses.

Sleeping on a healthy mattress made of sustainable practices provides benefits not only to the sleeper, but also to the environment. By purchasing an environmentally friendly and sustainable mattress, you are not only buying a product that you know will be healthy for you and your family but you will also be helping our current world population move towards a healthier earth. By buying sustainable mattresses, each individual is contributing to decrease the amount of harmful emissions that effect the world around us. Additionally they also assist to reduce our environmental footprint; which ultimately works towards a more sustainable environment for all.

There are many options for eco friendly mattresses, all of which utilise materials that are renewable and recyclable, biodegradable, and pollution free. Choosing an eco-friendly mattress for your bedroom will offer you peace of mind without compromising values or comfort. Given that the average person spends about one third of their life sleeping, it is worth investing time into finding the right mattress that will have a low impact on the environment and that suits you.